Our social media team creates a social plan specific to your business and your business goals - tracking progress each month. Through the use of digital content calendars and advanced reporting software, we’re able to pinpoint the best types of posts for your business along with optimal posting times and dates.

By developing a social media strategy that is active instead of reactive, strategic instead of tactical, we’ll develop an engaging online persona for your company. You'll see monthly reports, timely responses to messages, reputation monitoring and branded content creation.

We will create and curate content for posting to your social media profiles, making sure that you stay in front of your fans and followers. We will decide the sorts of posts, for example, organization special, instructive, useful, and humor, just as the calendar and recurrence of posts for every informal community. Posts are effectively made and can be posted promptly or scheduled for a future day/time, over various social profiles. 

Social observing of all profiles is a basic movement since fans require quick reactions to questions comments and complaints. Utilizing our online networking checking tool(s), we will screen every single social profile for commitment and react fittingly. On the off chance that endorsements are required for reactions, it might be fitting for us to recognize a fan and afterward react later. Commitment exercises could incorporate Reply, Comment, Retweet, Follow, Like and other social activities. These are cultivated rapidly and proficiently by our group. 

It's significant that we have the option to gauge the consequences of our endeavors, and whether you'd like knowledge into the degree of detail we normally survey or lean toward week after week/month to month outlines, you can be sure that we make progress toward results.


Social Media Management Basic Package:  ($250)

(Facebook, Instagram)

  • 30 days of social media posting

  • Trending hashtags and schedule posts

(Basic content to be provided by the client)

influencer pack.png

Social Media Management Influencer Entrepreneur Package: 


(Facebook, Instagram)

  • 30 days of social media posting and engagement

  • Trending hashtags analysis

  • 2 posts per day

  • Content Curation

  • Twice a month meeting to discuss strategies for organic growth

  • Monthly Analytical Report


Social Media Management Elite Entrepreneur Package: 


(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

•    Monthly Posting 
•    Social Media campaigns 
•    Trending hashtags analysis
•    Content Curation 
•    Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram
•    Monthly analytical reports

•    Twice a month meetings to discuss social     media strategies